Find real encouragement, practical ideas and genuine help—all grounded in God’s Word.

  • By the Book Bible Study Guide

    Learn about and track your Bible reading goals with this at-a-glance study guide.

  • Pray About It Journal

    Make prayer a joyful habit with this flexible yet structured journal.

  • Scripture Mapping Journal

    Get to know Scripture in a whole new way—with Scripture Mapping.

  • Going for Broke

    Learn how to suffer well—and grow—through hardships.

  • Hear Him Journal

    God is speaking. Are you hearing Him? Learn how with this journal.

  • Be Encouraged Coloring Book

    Bring your creative touch to this collection of Scriptures from the ESV translation.

  • How to Give Up

    Learn how to let God do His job so you can do yours—rest in Him.

  • The GRACE Bible Study Journal

    Explore and engage with God’s Word—it’s fun and simple with GRACE.

  • How to Hope

    Want to put hope to use for practical change? Here’s how.

  • The Journey Journal

    Life’s a journey. Jot it down and connect it with Scripture —all in one convenient place.

  • Fresh & Fun Ways to Fill Your Cup

    Worn and weary? Refresh with God’s Word in brand new ways.

“Shannon’s writing is infused with an abiding passion, a marked sensitivity to the needs of her readers and a tangible wisdom gleaned from real life experience.”
“I am starting my walk with God and wanted something to help me organize my thoughts and studies. This is very helpful.”
“A great way to get deeper into Gods word. She gives you a step-by-step way to do that!”
“Exactly what I was looking for to dig deeper into Scripture reading.”
“I loved everything about this book; especially because Medisky’s style of writing makes the reader feel like she is speaking solely to her. I’ll be on the lookout for more of the author’s work.”
“I was very impressed by the positive attitude of the author… She has a very unique writing style which makes the reader feel this book is written just for them.”
“Shannon is so real and down to earth. She explains things in a way that is easy-to-understand and she is not ashamed to say she has a lot to learn just like we all do.”


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