How to rest in God right where you are

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Dear Father God,
Help me to better appreciate that things may never slow down.
Give me the wisdom to choose You and embrace the rest
You offer in the midst of it all.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Genesis 6:14-16

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Notice that God is very specific in the instructions that gives Noah.
But notice something else also. There’s something missing. There’s absolutely no directions for building a means to steer the ark—no sail to catch the wind, no rudder to move the boat left to right, no wheel for Noah to grab hold of inside. That’s right. Zip. Zilch. Nada. The ark was literally designed to do nothing more than carry Noah, his family and the animals safely through the storm, not out of it.

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“Do exactly as I say,” I warned Mark. “Now put on your shoes.”

The instructions were clear and couldn’t possibly be more simple. Yet—the next thing I knew—Mark was literally spinning in circles, looking down at his feet, his forehead covered with wrinkles and worry.

It was an emergency. Our physical safety was in danger and I needed him to act quickly. Yet he didn’t follow my instructions. Instead of obeying my words, he was too focused on his own worry and the chaos and loudness that surrounded us didn’t help. I watched as he became overwhelmed and ultimately frozen by his fears. At that point, he couldn’t do—or remember—anything.

Everything ended up fine. I was able to get us both to safety, albeit with Mark’s shoes in my hands instead of on his feet. But I also left with an important reminder: How vitally important it is to know our place and remember God’s place. No amount of worry changes things. God is in control at all times (Isaiah 14:24). And like Noah, it’s our job to simply hear God’s word, obey His call and trust in His care and provision.

Great peace have those who love your law;
nothing can make them stumble.
Psalm 119:165 (ESV)

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Imagine for a moment how loud it likely was on that crowded ark—the pounding rain, crashing waves and a wide variety of animal calls and cries. Plenty of chaos to feed Noah’s worry and create a colossal headache. Yet he rested and waited on God through the storm. Choosing peace in the midst of chaos is difficult for everyone. Yet we’re called to do exactly this (2 Timothy 1:7).

What are some specific things you can do when you feel worn to turn your focus back on your Helper (John 14:16-18)?

Training ourselves to focus on God rather than our worry can help us keep our priorities straight too. Record new ways that you can rest on God throughout your day.

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