About Grace to Grow On

Grace To Grow On was created and is maintained with one goal in mind: To make the genuine help that’s grounded in God’s Word both clear and applicable.

Sometimes we can know of or about Scripture. But the divide between the knowledge inside our heads and the heartfelt daily application of it in our lives can be quite wide. And the way to bridge this divide can become even more muddled during challenging times.

I created this site—and all the resources you’ll find here—in an effort to make this divide smaller, to make the journey easier, to help empower you to make positive, lasting, real change in your daily life—the kind of change that only a true relationship with God can bring.

Shannon Medisky with her two boys

About Shannon

One thing to make clear right upfront:

I don’t write what I know. I write about what I desperately need to learn.

I’m not someone who’s “been there, done that.” I’m someone who’s currently still on the journey, seeking to find and follow God with all my heart—all while smackdab in the midst of messy, stressful stuff.

I’m a former teacher, a current mom and an accidental writer. The magnitude of our adopted son’s medical, intellectual and developmental specials needs met I could no longer have the career that I had longed and worked so hard for. God had other plans.

Unexpected, But Exactly Right

Trading my plans and desires for God’s will hasn’t been easy. And parenting a child with special needs is no walk in the park. I’m challenge, stretched—and often stressed—daily.

But God is always good (Psalm 100:5), no matter how we might feel at any given time. And I can honestly say that He’s always worked for good in my own life (Romans 8:28). Knowing, appreciating and clinging to God’s truth no matter how we might be feeling frees us and enables us to see His goodness. His grace abounds always, even when we feel like we’re falling apart.

That’s not to say the journey has been easy. It’s still not. But God never promised to spare us from a life of struggle. He promised to spare us a life without meaning (Proverbs 19:21). And so Grace To Grow On was created. Originally from a very personal need, now I share everything I’ve learned—and am still working on learning—with you.


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