Starting over is rarely fun. It can be emotionally taxing. It can be mentally exhausting. But it can also be a tremendous gift.
Anxiety can snowball. Fear can freeze us to the spot. These feelings can absolutely fool us into thinking we're stuck and cornered with no way out. Don't let that happen.
Experiencing uncertainty isn’t the danger. Letting it take root is.
We can suffer well no matter what because we know Who is in control of it all.
God's invitation to rest is always there. We may RSVP with good intentions. But here's help to show up with our actions.
I know from personal experience that hitting the pause button takes practice. It takes work. And the author of Hebrews knew this, too.
Don't take on frustration and suffering alone. God never intended you to. Instead, ask for—and act on—His help.
A quick overview of my personal color-coding system for marking up my Bible.

Go beyond mindfulness.

Cultivate a mind fully set on the Master.

Shannon Medisky

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