Grace to Grow On | Genuine Help Grounded in God's Word
Want to see positive change in your life? Find real, genuine help that's grounded in God's Word at Grace to Grow On (GTGO). Don't just go on. Grow on—with God's help. Here's help. Here's how. Here's hope.
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I Was Thinking... / 29.03.2017

Not gonna lie. I've had a tough time understanding God in the Old Testament. It would seem He was so busy raining down plagues and smiting people, that it was difficult for me to see His love through it all. Then, one day I got it. In fact, it took wanting to rain down a little furry on my youngest son for me to get it. But I finally got it alright. I was mad. It was a righteous anger, meaning it wasn’t unfounded. The law had been laid down. The line...

Spiritual Growth / 15.03.2017

Waiting on God isn't easy. But it's what's right. And I've learned that firsthand. For 8 (incredibly) long years, I've had doctors shrug their shoulders, shake their heads and simply brush us aside. All because they found Mark's medical mysteries too complicated to take on. I remember one doctor specifically. It was Mark's first pediatrician. He literally threw his hands up in the air, saying that Mark didn't have a problem. I was the one with the problem. And that he couldn't help us. But I knew there was something wrong....

I Was Thinking... / 06.01.2017

I love music. And one song in particular reminded me that there are scars I won't disguise. While listening to one of my favorites I heard the line, "You can recognize a saint by the scars they don't disguise." But—man—it's tempting to hide the not-so-fun stuff. Shame is a funny thing. It can be our gut reaction, our initial response. It's easier to not share what hurts, what we've struggled with—and yes—even the scars they all leave behind. But shame is incredibly counterproductive. It stakes claim inside our heads and...