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Stresses & Messes

Feeling worried or just plain stuck?

Discover new ways to manage
it all in positive ways.

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Feelings & Emotions

Want to feel better?

Move past initial reactions to a
carefully constructed responses.

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Head & Heart

Get it but fail to do it?

Learn how to go from head knowledge
to heartfelt application.

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Intentional Living

Longing for real change?

Go beyond positive thinking
to making a lasting difference.

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Hi, I’m Shannon…

I’m simultaneously where I never expected, yet exactly where I’m meant to be. And despite how you might feel, so are you. That’s because God doesn’t play dice with our lives (Psalm 37:23, Proverbs 16:9).

No matter how difficult things may seem and how exhausted and frustrated we may feel, God’s got this. He’s got it all (Isaiah 14:24). And He’s got YOU too (Isaiah 41:10).

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Find Books that Help

Looking for inexpensive, short books that will (really)
help you make positive change in your life, God’s Way?

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Discover Free Resources

Learn new ways to explore God’s Word,
including how to apply it practically for positive change.