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Created and managed by Shannon Medisky, Grace to Grow On provides genuine help that's grounded in God's Word. Discover books, resources and articles that are immediately applicable, practical and effective for creating positive change in your life today.
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News & Updates / 11.07.2016

For a limited time only, download How to Hope and/or How to Give Up for completely FREE at Smashwords. (Visit the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select your books.) Simply use the coupon code "SFREE" at checkout to receive your books for completely free. On a side note, I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts on the books. If you're willing to share your thoughts and feedback, please email me directly at Shannon[AT] or feel free to leave a review at either Smashwords or on Amazon...

Special Needs Parenting, Uncategorized / 07.04.2016

So Mark unceremoniously shared with us that he'd added a new word to his vocabulary—and it's not one we'd like to hear him repeat either. "It be my f---ing fault," he said after—once again—messing something up. His mistakes never come as a surprise to the rest of us. We all know that he has short term and long term memory problems. But apparently this last little screw up was enough to make him fall apart. You read that right, Mark said the "F" word. The queen mother of all bad...

Set Apart Adventures / 06.04.2016

I live very close to a busy international airport. So lots of air traffic—and even low flying planes—isn't all that unusual. But as I was driving the other day, a huge shadow was cast across our car. It lasted so long and was so distracting that both Nate and Mark commented on it, wondering what in the world it could be. Without as much as an upward glance, I assured them over and over again that it was just an airplane above us and that it would pass soon....